Community Development

The healthiest communities are those that promote democratic participation, invest in sustainable development, provide career and economic opportunities for its residents, and have a commitment to equality and social justice. One of the Kenan Charitable Trust’s primary focus areas, Community Development addresses issues of need, collective engagement, and awareness, striving to improve the welfare of the community. Three of the sub-categories of Community Development are housing needs, workforce training/development, and justice—both social justice and equal justice for individuals. During fiscal year 2022, the Trust discovered a wealth of opportunities to provide funding for these needs in the state of Virginia.


Workforce Development

The Kenan Charitable Trust has a long tradition of investing in multisector partnerships, including those that enhance and expand workforce development. We seek opportunities to build capacity among organizations focused on helping unemployed and underemployed people gain marketable professional skills, and then connecting them with industries in need of skilled workers. Economic growth and prosperity are vital to healthy communities, and by collaborating around shared goals and interests, these partnerships benefit individual workers, build organizational capacity, and address societal needs.

Hampton Roads Workforce Council



Safe, affordable housing is a basic human right, affecting one’s physical and mental wellbeing, quality of life, access to education, and economic opportunities. The Kenan Trust recognizes that affordable housing has a ripple effect on the health of a community, from setting children up to succeed in school to creating a better-equipped workforce.

project: HOMES


Re-entry Support

The odds are stacked against people who’ve been incarcerated. The Kenan Trust supports organizations that are taking a holistic and comprehensive approach to helping individuals re-enter society and become successful, contributing members. These efforts are typically multisector, with partner agencies and organizations working in tandem to develop best practices for reducing recidivism and improving lives.

OAR of Richmond