Richmond, Virginia


For nearly 30 years, project:HOMES has provided low-income homeowners across the Richmond region with affordable housing and energy conservation programs. Thanks to a grant from the William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust, project: HOMES’ is making significant progress on its manufactured housing initiative, Bermuda Estates, a 50-unit mobile home park in central Virginia, where 75% of the residents are Spanish speaking.

project:HOMES’ vision for Bermuda Estates, and for the future of the manufactured home community at large, is to restore stability and well-being to manufactured home residents by providing quality affordable housing, creating opportunity, and eliminating the stigma surrounding manufactured homes. By providing these families a new, safe, and energy efficient mobile home replacement unit, and by removing barriers such as language and transportation that typically limit their access to community resources, Bermuda Estates is becoming a thriving, successful, highly engaged community.

Above: Outdoor movie night and green spaces where neighborhood children can be active promotes a sense of community spirit at Bermuda Estates.

project:HOMES is partnering with the Virginia Community Development Corporation on the pilot project, which could become a model for other community development efforts across the country. By improving the living conditions of the neighborhood, project:HOMES aims to retain and provide affordable homeownership to all current Bermuda Estates residents. Better housing also means fewer maintenance costs, which can lead to building more wealth over time, as well as fostering community cohesiveness and pride.

Above: Participants in a pilot ESL class for community members. Design renderings of the warehouse building where mobile home replacement units will be constructed next year.